Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Division of Interdisciplinary Studies was formed with the establishment of the Institute of Technology of the University of Moratuwa in October 2000. The Division conducts courses in English, Mathematics and Information Technology for the National Diploma in Technology students up to 2018. From 2019, Information Technology modules will be offered by Division of Information Technology. The academic staff of the Division includes experienced teachers. Some of the senior members had been serving in the Faculty of Engineering prior to the establishment of the Institute.

In 2018 two new modules, Aesthetic Studies and Sports Studies were introduced under humanities stream.

English courses offered by the Division aim at addressing English language needs of students who enroll to follow the National Diploma in Technology programme. A foundation course in English is conducted for all newly admitted students prior to the commencement of the 1st year academic programme with the intention of helping them to switch over from their mother tongue to English as the medium of instruction. Thereafter students follow English language courses three hours per week throughout the first year of their studies. The course components aim at producing engineering diploma holders with strong communication skills who will be able to function effectively in diverse work environments.

Mathematics and statistics modules conducted by the Division emphasize on teaching the basic concepts of Mathematics and statistics, the development of rational thinking in formulating and solving engineering and technical problems and the application of mathematical knowledge in solving broadly defined real world problems.

Sports Studies course is designed to develop personality, leadership and team work skills and appreciation of Sports of engineering technology students. Sports practical and theory components will be introduced to the course covering areas such as basics of Introduction about Sports and Physical Activities, Volleyball, Cricket, Netball, Athletics, Football, Badminton, Basic Techniques of First Aid and Injury Prevention Methods, Basic concept of Physical Fitness, Aerobics, Yoga and Basic Sports Leadership and Management. The students are expected to think reflectively and reflexively in problem solving and possess communication skills and improve human qualities required to be an overall quality person in the respective fields through Sports Studies.

Aesthetic Studies has been introduced to the ITUM curriculum in 2018 to develop creative and critical thinking as well as aesthetical capabilities of its students. The objective is to provide a well-balanced education that would augment students personal, professional life leading to socially better fitting personalities. Under Aesthetic Studies module, there are both lectures and practical .For practical, students should choose one subject out of four – Dance, Drama, Music or Visual Art. Duration of this course is 15 weeks.

Head of the Division
Mrs. D.D.G.A.D.S.Saparamadu

Mrs. D.D.G.A.D.S.Saparamadu

B. Sc. (Sri Jayawardhanepura)

Academic Staff
Mrs. S. Nagodavithana

Mrs. S. Nagodavithana SeniorLecturer Gr.I

B. A. (Sri Jayawardhanapura), M. A (Kelaniya),M.Phil.(Kelaniya)
Dr. (Mrs.) S. C. Mathugama

Dr. (Mrs.) S. C. MathugamaSenior Lecturer Gr.II

B. Sc. (Colombo), M. Sc. (Moratuwa), PhD (Moratuwa)
Mrs. P. S. Yatapana

Mrs. P. S. YatapanaSenior Lecturer Gr. II

B.Sc(SriJayawardhanapura),PGDip.(Stat.),M.Sc.(Colombo), M.Phil.(Colombo),Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy (Institute of Counseling and Psychology, Colombo 5)
Mrs. C. P. N. Attygalle

Mrs. C. P. N. Attygalle Lecturer

B.Sc (Hons)(Colombo), M.Sc in Applied Statistics(Colombo)
Mrs. P.B.T.K. Premarathn

Mrs. P.B.T.K. Premarathne Lecturer (Probationary)

B.A (Hons.) (Kelaniya),M.A in Linguistics(Kelaniya)
Mrs. J. Hanoon Umar

Mrs. J. Hanoon Umarlebbe Lecturer (Probationary)

Master of Research (Applied Linguistics, University of London), M.A.(Linguistics, University of Kelaniya), B.A. (English & ELT Honours., Open University of Sri Lanka), B.A. (Eastern University of Sri Lanka), PGD (Education, University of Colombo), PGD (TESL, Jayawardenapura), CTHE (University of Colombo), Professional Dip. (Psychological Counselling, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka), CELTA (University of Cambridge)
Mrs. L. P. Kumarasiri

Mrs. L. P. Kumarasiri Lecturer (Probationary)

B.A(Colombo, Sripai Campus)