Dear Students,

As you have come to know, the National Diploma in Technology (NDT) course is conducted in the English medium. Therefore, to help students face an English medium course with confidence, the Institute conducts an intensive English programme for all students who join the Institute to follow the NDT course, annually.

Due to the prevailing conditions in the country, this year, this course will be conducted on a distance mode. The course will be offered to you at three levels and if you diligently follow the course and work hard you are sure to improve your English language proficiency and learn some useful words and phrases that will help you follow the NDT course in the English medium.

The pre-academic English - Level 1 course consists of reading comprehension tasks and basicgrammar lessons. You are expected spend about two hours per day, studying the course material and doing all the tasks & exercises given in the course book. The Pre-academic English - Level 1 course will be followed by the Pre-academic English - Level 2 course which will be uploaded to the ITUM Website in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Download Pre-Academic English - Level 1 Course Booklet

We hope that you will reap the maximum benefit from following this pre-academic English course offered to you.

Wish you all the best!

Course Coordinator