Celebrating the Advent of Excellence: A Dazzling Commencement to the New Year 2024 at the ITUM

January 1, 8:00 am

In a spectacular display of unity and purpose, the Executive Committee of the Staff Welfare Society of ITUM orchestrated the grand commencement ceremony for the institute's endeavors in the year 2024. On the illustrious morning of Monday, January 1, 2024, at 8:30 a.m., the entirety of ITUM's dynamic community, in full force, gathered to set the stage for a year of unparalleled accomplishments.

With an unwavering commitment to providing society with services that are not only efficient but also profoundly impactful, the official ceremony unfolded with meticulous attention to traditional, cultural, religious, and institute-centric duties.

The ceremonial proceedings commenced with the reverential worship of Lord Buddha, the enchanting echoes of Pirith, the luminous illumination of the oil lamp, and the harmonious resonance of the National Anthem. An atmosphere of solemnity enveloped the assembly as all institute members observed two minutes of profound silence, paying heartfelt homage to the fallen war heroes and those who sacrificed their lives for the motherland.

In a spiritual tapestry woven with diversity, priests from various religions graced the occasion, imparting blessings upon all members for a year of abundant happiness, robust health, and unprecedented prosperity, in accordance with their cherished religious practices.

The collective voice of every member echoed through the air as they resolutely recited the Oath of Public Servants, led by the esteemed Director of ITUM, Major General (Rtd.) S. K. Thirunavukarasu RSP VSV USP. Culminating the formal proceedings, the Director delivered an impassioned address, encapsulating the challenges and triumphs of the institute in the past year, outlining government policies and programs devised to surmount present challenges, and unveiling the strategic roadmap for the new year, 2024. The Director underscored the pivotal role of each member in realizing these visionary objectives.

A delightful traditional tea party, orchestrated by the General Administration division of ITUM, added a touch of conviviality to the festivities, paving the way for all members to embark on their duties for the new year, 2024, with a shared commitment to achieving ITUM's goals and elevating its global reputation.

Wishing every member a year ahead filled with resounding success, unparalleled fulfillment, and the continued ascent of ITUM to new heights of excellence!