Division-Industry Forum 2023 : “Reach Future Excellence Together”

December 2, 9:00 am

The Division-Industry Forum, meticulously orchestrated by the Division of Polymer and Chemical Engineering Technology, unfolded its grandeur under the overarching theme "Reach Future Excellence Together." This distinguished event, held on the 2nd of December 2023 at the Staff Development Centre of ITUM, served as a nexus for fostering profound interactions between industry luminaries in Polymer Technology and Chemical Engineering Technology and the esteemed academia within the division.

The ceremonial proceedings commenced with a gracious welcome from Ms. Amali D. Weerakoon, the astute Head of the Division, extending heartfelt greetings to industry professionals representing 20 eminent companies in Polymer Technology and Chemical Engineering Technology. In attendance were also acknowledged Eng. Kamalnath Jinadasa, the distinguished Training Engineer of ITUM, and the revered members of the Division. Ms. Weerakoon, in her customary eloquence, provided a succinct yet illuminating introduction to the program, acquainting the industry experts with the illustrious members of the division.

The agenda, meticulously curated, comprised three pivotal discussion forums, each intricately designed to align with the forum's overarching theme. The first forum delved into the exploration of collaborative industry-based research projects, seeking to bridge the realms of academia and practical application. The second forum, equally significant, focused on elevating the quality of industrial training for students, nurturing a generation of professionals primed for the challenges of the industry. The zenith of the deliberations came in the form of the third discussion, a networking session where the collective intellectual wealth of the participants converged to chart a course towards future excellence.

During this networking session, luminaries from the industry engaged in insightful dialogues, contemplating the possibility of mentoring students, orchestrating workshops and guest lectures, conducting bespoke short courses, providing invaluable industry exposure for divisional staff, and gauging the current demand for graduates in Polymer Technology and Chemical Engineering Technology.

The event, graced by the invaluable presence of industry stalwarts, earned resounding applause for the depth of insights shared and the strategic suggestions proposed. The Head of the Division, in a poignant expression of gratitude, extended her heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors. Dr. Sunil Mendis, an esteemed figure and a distinguished alumnus as a past Polymer Technology student at the institute, stood as the beacon of support in his role as the main sponsor and Director of Research and Development at ATG Ceylon Pvt. Ltd. Additional commendations were extended to YOKOHAMA TWS Lanka Pvt. Ltd., LAUGFS Rubber Corporation Pvt. Ltd., and the esteemed 1983/84 Chemical Engineering Technology batch of ITUM.

The culmination of the forum was marked by a delectable luncheon hosted at the ITUM Lodge, providing a delightful setting for participants to not only savor culinary delights but also to forge and fortify relationships for mutual growth. Plans were eloquently outlined for future discussions to further the momentum generated during this significant forum. As the participants bid adieu to the hallowed grounds of ITUM, a palpable sense of collective commitment lingered, resonating the shared resolve to collaboratively work towards a future that is not just excellent but extraordinary.