Awareness Session on 5S Practices

January 6, 9:00 am

With a view to enhancing the quality of work environment at ITUM, the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) organized an awareness session on the 5S practices on 5th January 2022. The resource person, Dr. (Mrs.) M.C.W. Somaratne, Senior Lecturer attached to the Division of Polymer and Chemical Engineering Technology and the Head of Industrial Training, Career Guidance and Post Diploma Education Centre of ITUM shared her expertise on the subject with the members of the 5S team and the Quality Assurance Unit, academic, administrative and the non-academic staff members of ITUM. The session focused on the importance of the 5S system and how to implement and maintain it. Further, the responsibilities of each staff member, each division and the Institution in implementing the 5s system were also discussed at length. On 6th January 2022, the Institution held its Cleaning Day (5s Day). Concurrently, the academic and non-academic staff members took part in Cleaning Day activity at their workspaces in order to improve efficiency, organization and cleanliness.