Division of Civil Engineering Technology



Division of Civil Engineering Technology is one of the largest divisions in ITUM. The division itself can facilitate 200 students per an intake. Our main objective is to produce qualified professionals for the Civil Engineering Industry. The NDT program for Civil Engineering Technology consists of academic activities at the ITUM in the first two years (Semester 1 – 4) and Industrial Training in the final year (Semester 5 – 6). The current student intake is 200.

The civil engineering industry consists mainly of construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads & railways, dams & reservoirs, water supply & waste disposal schemes, irrigation schemes, tunnels & power houses, runways, airports and harbors and coastal structures etc.

The study programme involves principles, theory, design and applications of the related areas. (Structures, Hydraulics, Soil mechanics, Water resources, Surveying, Management etc.) and a residential Survey Camp of two-week duration which is conducted at an outside location. The division consists with all the necessary modern infrastructure including six laboratories, a drawing room, two tutorial classes, two large lecture halls, a workshop including a qualified lecture panel.

The following further educational avenues are available for the Diploma holders.

•    B.Tech. Degree of the Open University of Sri Lanka
•    Engineering Degrees from Foreign Universities
•    Engineering Institution Examinations

Further the diploma holders with required experience can pursue higher education in the following areas as well.

•    Quantity Surveying
•    Management
•    Business Administration (MBA)
•    Law