All registered students to the Institution are eligible to get the membership of the library. Membership can be obtained by submitting a filled application card to the reader services counter together with identity card and record book issued by the institution.


Entitlement of Books for Borrowing


No. of books






2 weeks

Scheduled Reference


Over Night


Inquiry Counter

All the information about the library and reader services could be known by this. Registration of the students to the library, membership renewals, issuing of library clearance certificates and other reader services are conducted through this counter.

Renewal of the membership should be done on the date informed by the Library.










Issuing of Books

Books could be borrowed providing the institution ID or handbook to the officer at the Reader Services counter. The due date is stamped on the date slip of the book. The books borrowed are inspected by the library security officer at the library exit.  Borrower is responsible to return books on or before the due date. 

Borrower should be observant for any damage to the book prior to borrowing. Missing or torn pages and scribbling on pages should be informed to the issuing counter at the same time. If such damage is recovered at returning of the book, the borrower is responsible for the damage.


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Returning of Overdue Books

Fines will be charged for books overdue to the library. Rs. 5.00 per day is charged for Lending books.

Loss of Books Borrowed

If a book borrowed is lost, responsible user must inform it to the inquiry counter of the library immediately and there is a form to be filled by him/her. If the book is not found, user can replace by a copy of the same book or he-she should be paid the value of the book with additional fines. 

Library Clearance

All the students should return all books borrowed from the library once they completed their studies at the institution and a certified ‘No Dues’ stamp should be placed on the student record book.