Polymer Testing

Polymer testing laboratory provides range of polymer testing and polymer analysis including;
•    Tensile strength & Tear strength 
•    Oscillation and transient tests of curing and viscoelasticity
•    Mooney Viscosity test
•    Determine abrasion of flexible materials, such as rubber, tires
•    Compression set testing- determine the ability of elastomeric materials to maintain elastic properties after prolonged compressive stress
•    Determining surface hardness
•    Determines the plasticity
•    Resilience of a rubber compound

We provide technical support and consultation via an expert team of professionals to ensure that clients are provided with a comprehensive laboratory service and consultation that meets or exceeds expectations.  

Lecturer in Charge of the Laboratory: - Ms. Amali Weerakoon

Contact Details
Tel: +94 11 212 4000/ Ext. No: 1608