Mock Interview Program 2021

‘LEAP THE HURDLE’ Mock interview program was successfully conducted for the semester IV students in the Division of Polymer & Chemical Engineering Technology via zoom platform. The program was organized to provide opportunity for students to get a real experience of an interview presenting in front of a panel of industrial experts, provide constructive feedback to develop skills and competencies of students, which will beneficial for them to reduce the stress and boost their confidence.

The program was comprised of series of mock interview sessions. Mock interviews for Polymer Technology students were successfully completed in 6 phases starting from 23rd August 2021 to 08th September 2021, whereas for Chemical Engineering Technology students, mock interview session was conducted as a one-day program on 4th September 2021 with 6 parallel sessions. There were 26 industrial experts who extended their fullest support towards the success of the program, serving as mock interviewers in all panels. All these panel members are currently holding top positions in the industry whereas most of them are past NDT diplomats. Program flyers were designed by semester III student; Yasiru Udana Dasanayaka.

This program was further enlightened with the presence of the Director of the ITUM, Major General (RTED.) S. K. Thirunavukarasu, guest of honor Mrs. Nilanthi Fonseka (one of former head of the division), Head of Career Guidance, Post Diploma, Industrial Training Unit, Dr. (Mrs.) M.C.W. Somarathne, distinguished invitees, Head of the division Dr. (Mrs.) G.K Jayatunga and staff of Polymer and Chemical Engineering Technology division and students.