First Aid Room

The objectives of first aid is just that, to provide the “first aid” to a person who has been injured. In many cases, such as a scraped knee, a small cut, or minor illness, that is all the aid that a person needs. In more severe cases, the first aid is meant to stabilize the person until better, trained and equipped providers arrive. First aid can be defined as the immediate assistance administered to a person suffering from a sudden illness attack or an injury. First aid is the initial intervention given to a person before taking him/her to the hospital or before professional medical help is available. The lab is equipped with all necessary equipment for a comprehensive training.

Staff of Laboratory
Mrs. BAS Priyanka

Ms. A.M.M.M.K. Abeysinghe

Technical Officer

Mr. B C K Karunarathna

Mr. W.K.B.S.G. Fernando
Lab Attendant